Mauna na po aka (I'll go ahead now) - Spectra

25TH MARCH - 6TH MAY 2022


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Mauna na po aka (I’ll go ahead now)

Mauna na po aka (I'll go ahead now)

Assembly for the Future | Live from Planet City 2029
Dispatch by | Eleanor Jackson
Future generated with | Cat, Jess & Eleanor

Notification of Death

Dwelling #AUS 3834912
Lat Long -27.596930, 153.286900

GPS Coordinates 27° 35′ 48.948” S153° 17′ 12.84” E


My name is [redacted]. 

I qualified in civil engineering from the University of Queensland in 2002. 

My further qualifications include Advanced Materials Retrieval and Defence and Security Innovation.  

I am currently working as Demolition/Strip Out Supervisor for PolyCentric, a position I have held since 2031. 

I lead the demolition and reclamation of a property at -27.596930, 153.286900 for relocation to Planet City.  

  • Materials collected included brick, cement, timber, roof tiles and gypsum plasterboard pertaining to a 134.9sqm home.  
  • Other materials including personal effects, textiles, waste and non-biological debris were  collected for transportation to Bioenergy Syngas Station 3899 (-20.348490, 145.645856). 
  • Recyclables were collected for transportation to Multiple Waste Stream Facility 75467392  (-26.288490, 138.190955).  
  • Water and pest damaged materials were not collected for relocation as per Regulatory  Information Order 89559.  
  • Skeletal remains of one (1) female human were discovered at the property by  Demolition/Strip Out Labourer, [redacted].  

The property was not registered as a habited dwelling under the Biosecurity Act 2026. To the best of  my knowledge, the deceased was not subject to an order under the Mental Health (Isolation and  Separation) Act 2029, the Substance Addiction (Compulsory Isolation and Separation) Act 2035 or  the Intellectual Disability (Isolation and Separation) Act 2031 at the time of her death.  

The attached information (Attachment 1) was found in a sealed copper canister at the entrance to  the dwelling marked “to be opened in the event of the death of the resident, [redacted]”.  It is believed [redacted] was the resident of the dwelling, however, this cannot be  confirmed. The remains have been transported for processing to the Holding and Examination Site  118799.  

I hope the information in this report has been of assistance to the Services Centre, but I would be  happy to provide further information or clarification, should it be required.  

Signed: [redacted] 

Date: 30 March 2032

Attachment 1 


To whom it may concern: 

I write this letter to confirm this is the residence of [redacted], my mother.  

Today’s date is May 22, 2029 and as of right now, my mother is 83 years old. She has expressed her  wish, clearly and repeatedly to her family and to several authorities in question, that she wishes to  remain at her own house until the time of her death. She retains powers of attorney and, with deep  regret, our family has chosen to respect her wishes.  

She is aware that this area will be depopulated and scheduled for rewilding and will gradually lose  access to services such as water and sewage, gas and electricity, telecommunications and internet,  health and medical support, as well as government services such as police, fire and emergencies  services.  

It is our sincere hope that this letter is not required and that my mother will join us at Planet City;  we would gratefully welcome her back.  

In the event that this letter is discovered and my mother is deceased, however, we request  repatriation of her remains to [redacted], currently of:  

Lat Long (41.704185, -86.877302) 

GPS Coordinates 41° 42′ 15.066” N86° 52′ 38.2872” W 

Telephone +2938954875693020 

I am writing you this letter to let you know how much she was loved and to give you a glimpse of  what she was like, in the hope this may encourage you to treat her kindly and with care. We are  aware that it may not be possible to repatriate her remains or to locate us in the event of  considerable time passing.  

[Redacted] was born in the Philippines shortly after the Second World War, and migrated  to Australia in the mid-seventies to leave the distress of the Marcos regime. In Australia, she worked in a range of jobs including the legal, government and business sectors and helped several of her  siblings to migrate to Australia as well. Hard-working and vibrant, with an uncanny sharp turn of  phrase, she eventually struck out on her own as small business owner. She was proprietor of a small  ice cream parlour, [redacted], for over 15 years, where she became a much-beloved member of the  local business community. She was always energetic and passionate about family, notwithstanding  the usual disagreements and discords that come from raising children in a culture different to your  own. She enjoyed shopping, eating out with friends, watching period dramas and spending time with  her family, although many members were scattered across the globe. As a grandmother, Lola [redacted],  was fierce and protective and full of fun for her two granddaughters. On our last day together, she  was surrounded by a small group of family members. She seemed resolute and calm about the  future. We ate chocolate cake and opened presents, listened to music, and reminisced about  happier times. She was prepared with a good vegetable garden and an extraordinary store of dry,  tinned and canned goods.  

Please find enclosed here:  

  • Pictures of my mother, her family, friends and loved ones 
  • Some memorabilia from her favourite neighbourhood cafes and restaurants A lock of hair from her grandchildren’s first haircuts
  • A few pieces of artwork created by her grandchildren when they were young.  

My wish for my mother is for her to always know how much we love her, and to live the remainder  of her life with the dignity and independence she so deeply valued.  

Our family desperately hopes for her return and pray you treat her kindly. 

Your sincerely,