multiplicity a limited series event

ANAT SPECTRA: Multiplicity 2022 is an artistic and discursive platform inspired by the intersection of art, science and technology.

Curated by David Pledger in collaboration with a circle of outstanding artists and thinkers, the program has been configured for these mercurial times as a limited series event.

SPECTRAvision 5 episodes ONLINE
SPECTRAlive 3 days LIVE in Melbourne

5 ONLINE Episodes, 25 March – 6 May, 2022

5 Episodes, 5 Worlds, 5 Ways of considering hundreds of propositions from artists, researchers, scientists, technologists and citizens about the futures we are creating and wish to live in.

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21 – 23 April, 2022, MELBOURNE

3-day, in-person gathering around artistic propositions, creative research and deep listening that generates a collective imagining of our futures.

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